stereo sound
1 min 23 sec


In this work I am returning to an old audio recording that I found at my studio. The c-cassette didn’t have any description what it had inside and as I listened to an unfamiliar noise it made I was not sure, if it was caused by the worn out tape or if the player I used was broken.
After a while I remembered that I sat there, in a specific place, by the Canal Beagle and recorded the wind blowing from the sea. It was a restless time, so I remember. As a young woman I was struggling to find a way to live in my body, my way to make images, my way to breathe, continue life. But I have to admit that my memories are imperfect, full of gaps and sometimes completely false.
But for sure I can tell that almost twenty years ago the movement of the air caused the noise on the magnetic tape. It was a mechanical touch, like light on the film. Both are gone, the wind, the light, they can touch the device once, never to return. I can playback the recording over and over again until the tape cuts or the player stops working (as it is so old). If ever digitalized, the sound will be transformed to curves and columns on the computer screen, unlike me, resistant to all time. Helsinki 2016 

This film was an outcome from the project RE-ACTION.


Script, Camera, Sound, Editing by Salla Tykkä